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How to get qualified leads for your solar business

Are you a solar installer? Do you need to grow your business but don’t have the time to do marketing?

Do you lie awake at night thinking about how to get qualified leads for your solar business?

Let’s explore some of the ways digital marketing and great copywriting can help you get more qualified leads.

What are qualified leads for a solar installer business?

The best leads for a solar business have the following characteristics:

  • Are actively looking for solar installation quotes
  • Have a specific need your products or services can help with
  • Are able to finance the costs of a solar installation
  • Have enough basic information to understand a solar quote

Leads for your solar business might be residential or business. In both cases you will need to make sure the people interested in your business have the above characteristics.

Advertising for solar installers

Advertising and marketing are critical to your solar installation business. You might have the best technical skills, equipment, installers, knowledge, products and service in the world – but if nobody knows about it you won’t have clients.

Marketing is how you create awareness of your brand and convince people to use your company for their solar needs.

Let’s look at some of the ways solar installation companies can attract and keep clients:

  • Word of mouth
  • Paid advertising on social media platforms
  • Paid advertising on search engines
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Online PR
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Outdoor advertising like street pole ads and billboards
  • TV advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Magazine advertising
  • Blogging
  • Video marketing on YouTube
  • Social media posts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Awareness through industry websites (such as SAPVIA)
  • Business networking at events
As you can see, advertising itself is only a small part of marketing.

You probably already know about the 4 Ps of Marketing which will help guide your overall marketing strategy:

  1. Product: what are the products and services you offer the market? What are the needs of your clients and how will you serve them?
  2. Price: how much will you charge for solar installations and solar products? Is your rate competitive? Are you able to cover all your costs and make adequate profit with your current pricing?
  3. Place: where will you be offering your services and selling your products? If you’re selling products how will you distribute these to your clients? What geographic areas will you serve for solar installations? What type of premises will you service (business, residential, agricultural etc)
  4. Promotion: how will you be advertising your products and services? What is your messaging strategy? How will you differentiate your brand from competitors? Will you be offering any discounts or specials?

How can digital marketing help?

Digital marketing can help you get more qualified leads in a number of ways.

Paid advertising

Targeted ads to the ideal audience with the right message can be very powerful.

You advertise on the most relevant advertising platforms and the ads click through to a landing page on your website. This landing page is also called a sales page.

What do you need on your sales page?

  • Benefits to the customer: how your products and services can help solve their problems
  • Social proof: testimonials and real reviews from real customers
  • Features: give your prospect enough information that helps explain why your products and services can help them
  • Call to action: ask them to take the next step

When a visitor to your landing page takes the next step to contact you for a quote, you should filter the prospects using qualifying questions.

This means that when they complete the form with their contact details, you should also ask a few questions that pre-qualify them.

These lead filtering questions might include questions about how they will pay for the solar panels, what type of roof the panels will be installed on and more.

This ensures that you only get the best quality leads.

The targeting on your paid advertising will also ensure you attract people who fit in with your ideal audience profile – so you don’t waste advertising budget on prospects who will never convert into a customer.

How can Hot Copy help?

We create powerful copy for paid advertising and landing pages.

We also help you craft the ideal qualifying questions for your lead forms to make sure you get the best leads come through to your sales team.

Our copy is designed to attract and convert your ideal prospects so you get the best return on your advertising spend.

Search engine marketing through paid search and SEO

Search engines, like Google, are powerful ways to grow your business.

When somebody is ACTIVELY LOOKING for a solution to their problem. they have a HIGH INTENT and are ready to buy.

Your website can become more visible in the search engines either through paid advertising on Google Ads or ranking organically as a result of SEO (search engine optimisation).

You will need great web content and SEO blog posts to improve your organic rankings in Google.

How can Hot Copy help?

We create SEO-optimised web content and SEO blog posts to help our clients become more visible in search engines.

This requires great keyword research, topic selection and well-written content your customers will find useful.

Social media for solar installers

Why should you have a social media presence? You should be where your potential customers are!

Social media is an extremely powerful tool to create brand awareness and awareness of your products and services.

It’s an opportunity for solar installers to grow audiences by providing people with really great content they enjoy and find useful.

This creates trust in your brand.

Most solar installers are too busy to focus on social media but there are a number who have found a way to use this powerful platform while they go about their regular business.

To get some inspiration, check out on TikTok and Solar Time on YouTube.

How can you use social media for your solar business?

Social media requires content planning production – you need to post great content and post it often.

The most popular channels to post to are YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook – but you might find your ideal audience is also on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

The key is to choose a channel that works for you, create a content plan and start posting regularly to see what type of content your audience likes the most.

How can Hot Copy help?

We help solar installers develop and implement social media content plans. We create posts and captions your audience will respond to.

This will increase your followers, engagement and ultimately build trust in your brand.

Likeable brands get more business.

Email marketing for solar installers

You might have grown an email list of prospects or leads but you’re not sure how to engage with them.

You can’t be spammy or they will unsubscribe and your brand will be damaged – but what’s the best approach?

Remember: only send emails to people who have OPTED IN – you must always respect the inbox and remember to comply with the POPIA act (and common sense!).

The key to good email marketing is RELEVANCE and putting the customer first.

If someone receives an email from you at the right time, with the right message, they will react positively.

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing and can help develop trust in your brand and convert a prospect into a qualified lead.

Email is also great for keeping in touch with people after a solar installation is complete. This builds long-term loyalty and trust in your company and proves you aren’t in it just to make a quick buck.

Imagine you kept your customers in the loop with great tips for how to look after their solar panels, keep them clean, save energy and more!

This shows you really CARE – which is a sign of a great business.

How can Hot Copy help?

We help solar installers create email content for acquisition, conversion and retention campaigns.

This means we help you use email marketing as a powerful tool throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

We help you create emails that will delight your customers and create trust in your company.

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