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How to write great headlines to attract people to your site

The headline of any story, blog post, article or page on your website is the first and only chance you get to make a good impression. Here's how to write great headlines. Your headline will briefly appear in front of a potential visitor and getting that person to CLICK on your headline is a critical skill. Did you know? Only 2 out of 10 people will actually read your … [Read More...]

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How to make online copy easy to read

The golden rule is this: people don't READ online, they SCAN. In the fast-paced world of Internet-browsing, people don't read your carefully-crafted prose as if … Read More

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Top 10 Freelance Writing Websites in the World

Today I decided to investigate all the major search engines and social bookmarking sites to find out which freelance writing sites are most popular. As a freelance … Read More

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SEO copywriting for absolute beginners

SEO copywriting is writing web content with the objective of attracting visitors to your site through search engines and then persuading them to become customers. If you want to DOMINATE in the search engines as a web copy writer, you need to LOVE SEO just … Read More

What the hell is transcreation?

"Transcreation". This concept finally managed to reach my Inbox today in the form of a forwarded email from our Head of Marketing extolling the virtues of transcreation. Must be important, right? So what the hell is transcreation and why does Apple think … Read More

Resources for editors

Want to become an editor? Check these out: http://www.editandtrain.com/ http://www.editors.org.za/ For translators: http://translators.org.za/ … Read More